AADIOS (2020) 2021


Algebraic and Algorithmic Aspects of Differential and Integral Operators Session

ACA 2020

Athens, Greece, July 15-18, 2020

postponed to 2021


Moulay Barkatou (University of Limoges, XLIM DMI, Limoges, France)
Thomas Cluzeau (University of Limoges, CNRS, XLIM DMI, Limoges, France)
Clemens Raab (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria)
Georg Regensburger (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria)


The algebraic/symbolic treatment of differential equations is a flourishing field, branching out in a variety of subfields committed to different approaches. In this session, we want to give special emphasis to the operator perspective of both the underlying differential operators and various associated integral operators (e.g. as Green’s operators for initial/boundary value problems).

In particular, we invite contributions in line with the following topics:

  • Symbolic Computation for Operator Algebras
  • Factorization of Differential/Integral Operators
  • Linear Boundary Problems and Green’s Operators
  • Initial Value Problems for Differential Equations
  • Symbolic Integration and Differential Galois Theory
  • Symbolic Operator Calculi
  • Algorithmic D-Module Theory
  • Rota-Baxter Algebra
  • Differential Algebra
  • Discrete Analogs of the above
  • Software Aspects of the above

If you are interested in joining the session, please contact us.

Previous ACA sessions were held at

Hagenberg 2008, Montréal 2009, Vlora 2010, Houston 2011,
Sofia 2012
, Malaga 2013, New York 2014, Kalamata 2015,
Kassel 2016
, Santiago de Compostela 2018, Montréal 2019.

We have published an MCS Special Issue based on the 2008-10 sessions and a Springer LNCS Postproceedings Volume based on the 2011-12 sessions.

We have co-edited a Special Issue with Alexey Ovchinnikov on Computational Aspects of Differential/Difference Algebra and Integral Operators for the journal Advances in Applied Mathematics based on ACA 2014 and 15.